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CSCS - Centre for Study of Culture & Society

Visual Culture
Coordinator : M. Madhava Prasad

The incresing fluidity of boundaries between different cultural forms, especially those that are visual in nature, has created a situation which calls for an investigation of the idea of visual culture, both as a concept that would account for the culture of visuality in contemporary societies, and as an aegis that would enable a dialogue between the disciplines of the visible.

As a first step, it is proposed to invite a number of scholars and practitioners to reflect on the idea from their own perspective.

For more information, contact madhav@cscsban.org Or abraham@ssrc.org

Caste, Democracy and the Indian Intellectual Tradition
Coordinator : Vivek Dhareshwar

Work is underway to frame a doctoral and post-doctoral research program which will seek to develop a theory of the relationship between caste and democracy that at the same time critically engages with and reconstructs the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial intellectual traditions of India. The program is likely to become operational in 2002.

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