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The CSCS Media Project, which has three components (The Media Archive; Television and the National Culture; Gender, Media and Modernity), brings together the concerns of the historian, the theorist and the archivist. It is planned as a five-year enterprise, with the first two years (1998-2000) being devoted to setting up the preconditions for the project and conducting feasibility studies for its component sections.

For us the field of media includes the history of specific technologies as also the assimilation of these technologies into specific subject matter and specific modes of address. We are especially interested in the social circulation of meaning and information, and the significations of "media" in contemporary society. Today the question of who addresses, and who is the implied recipient, is no longer as clear as it was in the 1950s, when a developmentalist state set out its agenda for how media should operate in a post-colonial nation. Today the cultures of reception and viewing have changed, and the viewer-citizen is being replaced by the viewer as consumer. The state itself is being reconceptualised, having in many ways abdicated its welfarist concerns. The categories of citizenship and modernity, too, can no longer be self-evidently mobilised in understanding the workings of mass media. It is in such a situation that we would like to rethink the possibilities of informed media intervention and research.

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