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This component of the CSCS Media Project assembles what could be the definitive media archive of post-Independence India.

By media we mean film, radio, television, and video; satellite and related communications technology; telecommunications; computer technology. Material on these subjects will include: press clippings, including reviews; pamphlets, reports and papers by government agencies, independent organisations, and individual work; visual images, including advertising, publicity leaflets, etc; market research reports; downloading from the Internet; a video archive.

This material will be compiled from already existing sources as well as assembled by independent research commissioned by CSCS. We intend to cover both conventional and non-conventional sources as well as generate new material informed by the broad research interests of CSCS. 

Currently being scanned and indexed are :

  • Newspaper clippings on media from 10 mainstream newspapers.
  • Media and Law: Complete texts of legal acts from the Dramatic Performances Act - (1876) and the Indian Telegraph Act (1885) down to the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act (1995). 
  • Telugu material: complete issues of select journals from the 1950s, clippings covering the post-Independence history of Telugu film and pamphlets, letterheads and other material from the Fans Associations of movie star Chiranjeevi. 
Forthcoming material includes :
  • Material on Tamil cinema assembled during the Tamil Film Workshop (Chennai, 1997)
  • Dossier on the Shiv Sena-owned newspaper Samna. 
  • Dossier on Gujarati newspapers including Mumbai Samachar, Samkaleen, Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Janmabhoomi, Pravasi and Chitralekha.
  • Marathi cinema. 
The material is being assembled and stored both in image and text format (wherever possible: exceptions being mainly non-English material), and archived in CD-ROM discs, in which form they will be made available to researchers both in-house and selectively with collaborating institutions, as well as on the Internet. 

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