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The Law, Society and Culture Programme expands and reinvigorates interdisciplinarity in legal studies, seeking to impact pedagogic and research practices in institutions of higher education, especially in India.

Vision and Objectives: The CSCS LSCP recognises the significance, of law as a 'professional' body of knowledge emphasisizing the primacy of 'black letter law', as well as the view of law as primarily a means of providing justice to the disempowered and marginalized. However its own focus is primarily to engage with law as an important and unique knowledge resource that helps us rethink and theorise human societies as well as human behaviour and processes.

The broader objectives of the programme are:
1. To contribute to the overall process of interdisciplinarity in legal studies across Asia, especially in South Asia;
2. To engage with and intervene in the pedagogic practices of law with a view to generating acceptance and legitimacy for interdisciplinary approaches to study and teach law;
3. To carry forward the research agenda of the law and society movement and contribute to its reinvigoration and expansion especially among the emerging law institutions;
4. To contribute to setting new research agendas that help rethink and contextualise legal pedagogy in the Indian scenario;
5. To contribute to the formation of peer groups among researchers, teachers and students to foster sustained spaces of interdisciplinary dialogue;
6. To generate a public resource for knowledge on law-society culture in India and South Asia;
7. To collaborate with other institutions, both at the national as well as international levels.

Current Thrust Areas: The LSCP currently has three thrust areas of research and teaching:
(i) Asian Constitutionalisms;
(ii) Law and Cultural Diversity; and
(iii) Indian Traditions of Legal Thought.

However, these are indicative and the programme is not confined to these areas alone. The LSCP is also currently working around the themes of 'comparative constitutional cultures' and 'grassroots constitutionalism in India'. Two topics, 'Contextualising human rights teaching and research in India' and 'Civil society and grassroots legal cultures' are currently being pursued as project ideas.

LSCP Faculty: Dr. Kakarakla Sitharamam, Senior Fellow.

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