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Ashish Rajadhyaksha
Senior Fellow

B.Sc. in the early 1980s, University of Bombay. Went into political journalism after college; began writing on film.

Active member of the editorial collective of the Journal of Arts and Ideas and a regular contributor to Framework and Sight & Sound.

Senior Research Fellowship from the Indian Council of Social Science Research (1989-91).

Author of Ritwik Ghatak: A Return to the Epic (Screen Unit, 1982); editor, with Paul Willemen, Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema (British Film Institute and OUP, 1994); editor, The Sad and Glad of Kishore Kumar (Research Centre for Cinema Studies, 1988); editor, with Amrit Gangar, Ghatak : Arguments/Stories (Screen Unit/Research Centre for Cinema Studies, 1987); editor, with Marco Muller, L'Avventurose Storie del Cinema Indiano (2 vols., in Italian) (Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema, 1985); editor, with Rani Burra, Looking Back, 1896-1960 (Directorate of Film Festivals/Film India Retrospective of Indian Cinema, 1981). Currently coordinating the Media Archive of CSCS, and working on a collection of essays titled Who's Looking?

Has published widely on cinema and contemporary art, and presented papers on these topics in conferences across the world. Has taught film studies at the University of Iowa, The Korean National University of Arts, Seoul, Birkbeck College/British Film Institute, Jadavpur University, University of Bombay, and the National Film Archive of India/Film and Television Institute of India.

Jury member, National Film Awards (Feature Films), New Delhi, 1995; and Selection Committee Member, First Festival of Short and Documentary Films, Bombay, 1990. in the early 1980s.

Co-curator (with Geeta Kapur) of the exhibition Bombay/Mumbai 1992-2001, part of Century City: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis, Tate Modern, London, 2001.

E-Mail address : ashish@cscsban.org

Ashish Rajadhyaksha
Home Page Materials

Links to my essays in the Journal of Arts & Ideas:

1. On Godard
(no. 2: Jan-Mar 1983) Link
2. Gandhiana and Gandhiology

( no. 3: April-June 1983) Link
3. Of More Than A Certain Tendency In The Indian Cinema

(no. 5: Oct-Dec 1983) Link
4. Latin American Cinema: Political Cinema

(no. 10-11: Jan-June 1985) Link
5. The Phalke Era: Conflict of Traditional Form and Modern Technology

(no. 14-15: July-Dec 1987) Link
6. Living The Tradition

(no. 16: Jan-Mar 1988) Link
7. Beaming Messages to the Nation

(no. 19: May 1990) Link
8. Satyajit Ray, Ray's Films and Ray-movie
(no. 23-24: Jan 1993) Link
9. The Epic Melodrama: Themes of Nationality in Indian Cinema
(no. 25-26: Dec 1993) Link
10. 'The Judgement': Re-forming the Public
(no. 32-33: April 1999) Link

(From Digital South Asia Library)

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